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Our Lab

The Alaska Critical Minerals Hydrogeochemistry Lab is an integrated research group that draws upon expertise in geology, hydrology, geochemistry, remote sensing, and analytical chemistry

Our team includes faculty, post-docs, students and research professionals and technicians from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise

We capitalize on extensive research collaborations across multiple academic institutions, industries and agencies

The Team

Munk lithium

Dr. Lee Ann Munk

Geologist and Geochemist

Lab Director and PI

Dr. Munk is the lead scientist of the AK CM Hydro Lab. She is a geologist and geochemist with 25 years of research experience focused on critical mineral resources and environmental geochemistry. She specializes in the origin of lithium deposits and conducts interdisciplinary research on other energy transition critical minerals such as REEs. She is currently a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Jordan Jenckes Gulf of Alaska

Dr. Jordan Jenckes

Hydrogeochemist and Data Slayer

Lab Co-Director and PI

Dr. Jenckes is a lead researcher in the AK CM Hydro Lab, pursuing a post doc in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Jordan specializes in the analysis, integration and interpretation of massive geologic, geochemical and environmental data sets to address watershed science questions. His research is focused on terrestrial carbon export to the ocean and modeling geochemical weathering processes that generate solutes in high latitude watersheds impacted by cryoshpere degradation. 

Core Team Members

The AHL is sustained by these amazing individuals

External Team Affliates

Faculty and Post-Doc Researchers

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