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Alaska Critical Minerals  Hydrogeochemistry Lab

Energy Transition Critical Elements

High Latitude and Altitude Watershed Science

Climate Change Solutions


Lithium solutions
Gulf of Alaska

What We Do

Our lab is focused on investigating 1) geology and geochemistry of lithium and other critical elements/minerals for the energy transition, and 2) hydrogeochemistry and fluxes of carbon and trace elements in high latitude and altitude regions over a spectrum of hydroclimatic environments. We advance the understanding of:

  • Energy transition critical minerals (Li, Cu, REEs) science in Alaska, North America, South America and beyond.

  • Impacts of climate change on the geochemistry of streams and groundwater influenced by the degrading cryosphere.

  • Geochemical weathering across mineralized (mined and unmined) watersheds. 

  • Sources, transport and fate of trace metals and nutrients from land to ocean (surface water and submarine groundwater discharge).

  • Climate change solutions through innovative research on lithium deposits and sustainability.


Recent Publications

Density Contrains Environmental Impacts of Fluid Abstraction in Continental Lithium Brines 

Quantifying water availability in basins that host most of the global lithium resources

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